Various coloured crochet hooks with multiple skeins of yarn in the background.

Last week, I decided to take on crochet. This would not be my first attempt at sticking to a yarn-based hobby, as I’m a classic case of “too impatient to like arts and crafts”. However, maybe this time my determination was cranked up extra high, because now I’m addicted.

I am finding it supremely relaxing to be crocheting in bed while watching a movie or television show, and it seems to be the only thing that is keeping me going throughout long days at school. While I am nothing more than a true beginner at the moment, I am excited to progress to more complicated projects and document them along the way. For now, though, I thought I would share my first project I started with!

Hair Bows

Keeping it extremely simple (keep in mind, this is my very first project), I made a few little ribbon-type strands to tie as hair bows for my friend and I. This was a good way to learn the ultimate basics, including how to start off with a slip knot and chain stitch, as well as level up and try a half double crochet stitch. These bows were a perfect first project for me, because each one is not too time consuming, and you can choose pretty much any yarn you want. For the ones I made, I used scraps of yarn from my mom’s finished knitting projects, so these were also sustainable!

Top-down view of girl's dark, curly hair with pink and purple clips and purple knitted bows.
My friend Nava modelling her hair bows.
Girl with black hair braided into two braids with a light blue knitted bow tied at the bottom of each one. She is wearing a blue sweater, black jacket, and a red pin on her sweater.
Me modelling my hair bows.

The tutorial I used for these is linked below.


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