Movie poster for Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening.

(Alternative title: melatonin gone missing meets her match)

As any and all fans of Miraculous Ladybug know, the feature-length film Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening is on the horizon. If you’re unfamiliar with the Miraculous franchise, check out my post The Love Square: Explained for an in-depth crash course before reading on.

This movie, which has been in production since roughly 2018-2019, showcases Marinette and Adrien’s emergence as Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively. Long-time fans are excited to see their favourite superheroes on the silver screen, in an animation style that is a major step up from the television series. Every glimpse of this movie- whether it be a tiny pixelated screenshot of a frame that was noticed from a photo in the production studio, or a full Instagram story video of a massive orchestra recording the score- has been posted, shared, and freaked-out-about over the past few years. However, these exciting tidbits are beginning take a more substantial form, and Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening is finally starting to feel real.

Earlier today, the official English trailer released (after multiple teasers in various languages) and fans got their first spoonful of this new Miraculous world, featuring beloved Bryce Papenbrook (English voice actor for Cat Noir/Adrien) and Cristina Vee (English voice actor for Ladybug/Marinette). Watch the trailer below.

Hopefully, fans don’t have to be in anticipation for much longer, given the trailer’s very specific release date: “This Summer”. I simply can’t wait to be in a theatre full of children who are most certainly not as emotionally involved as me, a nineteen year old girl who is halfway through her undergraduate degree.

Until that day arrives, bug out!


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