Cursive white text saying "melatonin gone missing infographic" with sketched stars against a dark indigo background.

Below is an infographic I made that should reflect what melatonin gone missing is all about!

Infographic about melatonin gone missing, with a graphic of a girl on her laptop in bed, with word the words "cats", "Taylor Swift", "TV shows", "movies", and "book reviews" around it.

Photo (in inforgraphic):

Undrey, Vector, B. R. O., Artemeva, O., nadia_bormotova, Sensvector, Mathisworks, Group, B. C. P., gmast3r, SiberianArt, Drozdova, A., Guiyu, UnitoneVector, Kurbatova, N., Veronika_Bu, Ishaq, A., Tytska, S., Saya, Dumayne, NilouferWadia, … Supirloko89. (n.d.). Istock. iStock. Retrieved April 11, 2023, from

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