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This week, we learned about the importance of media across multiple channels. A classic example is Pokémon, which kevinbrittenylauren labels as “transmedia storytelling”. To create a “coordinated entertainment experience”, Pokémon is reinvented to be independently interesting in varying mediums: playing cards, television, video games, and more. As someone who grew up consuming Pokémon content, I can vouch for its success through effective transmedia innovation. I have countless memories of watching the cartoon with my brother before school, opening packs of cards and slotting them into plastic sheets in binders, and playing video games on my Nintendo DS and later on my iPhone when Pokémon Go was the biggest craze. While melatonin gone missing surely does not have the marketability and consumer potential that Pokémon does to shape-shift into different forms of media, I wonder what my blog look could look like across multiple channels.

An App

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A melatonin gone missing app certainly feels like the most conceivable and relevant channel that melatonin gone missing could thrive on. Like any news app or blog app, users would be able to browse the app to read posts, comment and interact, and consume visual media on a more consistent and higher quality platform than in a desktop or mobile browser.

I imagine designing this app would be really fun. It would be open to regular revamps, giving the site more ways to grow. If I ever chose to expand melatonin gone missing, I would definitely go for an app first.

A Podcast

Graphic of a microphone and black headphones against a turquoise background.

In grade 12, my best friend and I had a podcast to commemorate our final year of high school. It gained more traction than we expected, as a good chunk of our grad class and other close friends who went to other schools listened and supported our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms. People were even asking us to appear on guest episodes, which was awesome. With this experience on how to record, edit, and promote a podcast, I have faith that melatonin gone missing could be great in podcast form.

I envision it would just be me and sometimes a guest, discussing various topics that would definitely be in a content post. Spending 30 minutes to an hour chatting about things like Taylor Swift, TV shows, celebrities, and everything and anything else would be fun to record and hopefully a fun listen for loyal site visitors who wants an eyes-free, hands-free, giggle-infused version of the blog.

Plus, to keep it on theme, episodes could be recorded late at night, to really capture the half-delusional essence of melatonin gone missing.

Social Media

Graphic of three hands holding phones with bubbles including likes, comments, reviews, and more.

Lastly, if melatonin gone missing were to truly thrive outside of its browser domain, social media accounts would be crucial for online presence, legitimacy/trustworthiness, and overall growth- both in and of itself, and to new audiences. Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok would probably be the main three social channels that could effectively promote the blog (and the app/podcast!) and gain a fanbase, sponsorships, and general public interest. That is to say, melatonin gone missing would blow up the internet!

As Bryce J. Renninger says, users “[choose] a platform informed by their personal tastes as well as wider social trends and practices”. So, these social media platforms clearly reflect current trends around how people communicate and share media online, and would therefore be very effective in contributing to audience outreach for my blog.

So to wrap up, if my blog lives on past the end of PUB 101, keep your eyes peeled on Spotify, the App Store, and your favourite social media platforms for the evolution of melatonin gone missing!


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