Multiple stick figures are arranged around the image, each exhibiting violent behaviour. In the middle of the stick figures reads, "me when I realize that sleeping earlier makes me less tired."

melatonin gone missing is centered in my love for staying up late and indulging in various modes of media entertainment. Although I have had these insomniac habits my entire life, more recently I realized that staying up until the early morning has more purpose behind it than ever before. Being a full-time student with a part-time job, it is sometimes hard to find time for myself between being on campus, studying, and working. People always say it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and it seems mine is daytime = work, nighttime = life. This is probably not what they meant by “balance”, but it works for me! The only downsides of it, really, are my constant tiredness and proneness to long naps during the day. However, call me self-sabotaging or stupid, I will gladly trade my good wellbeing for a few hours of me-time at night. This meme reflects my unwillingness to see that sleep actually is good for you, and getting more of it would probably be the miracle cure to so many of my issues.

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Owe & Zac. (2021). Stick Figure Violence. Know Your Meme.

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