about me

Portrait-style photograph of girl in blue sweater smiling in a coffee shop.

*yawns* hello world.

My name is Melissa, and all my life I have been a so-called “night owl”. Maybe it’s because I like the peace and quiet of my household at night, or because I have an excuse to ignore my real-world issues that don’t exist when the world is asleep (probably this one), but I love to spend the early hours wide awake. The activities I do from midnight to sometimes-6am vary depending on my current random fixation, but usually you’ll find me indulging in some form of media entertainment.

melatonin gone missing aims to document my thrilling late-night escapades. Specifically, through reviews, fandom-specific content, and nonsensical word-vomit. By being up to date with this blog, you are spending time seeing into my brain in the most dysfunctional hours. Each content post will realistically reflect my ever-changing obsessions and therefore be unexpected, unrelated, and totally chaotic each week. They will always, however, be connected to my sleepless nights. 

I implore you to use melatonin gone missing as a Zagat-type suggestion guide to what you should watch, read, and cry over (at 2am or whenever, really).

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